Part Three in Glamping: The Americas

Of course, we Americans are known for our camping prowess as well--what would family vacation be, after all, without a tent rolled up in the trunk, so marshmallows roasting over a campfire, and little-used fishing rods dusted off just in time to catch dinner? Not that I ever took vacations like that, but still, a guy can dream.

So for today, I decided to stick to the Americas (not just the U.S.) for some high-style nature loving. I start with one of the glamping resorts that has gotten the most press, Montana's Paws Up resort, where a butler will set up your overnight tent by the river if you want, start your campfire, and track wildlife so your hikes are interesting.

On the more rustic side, I came across the Sequoia High Sierra Camp in northern California, which sits at an altitude of about 8,000 feet, and only opens for summer. Not wishing to leave out our neighbors to the north, the next resort I mention is the Rockwater Secret Cove Resort on British Columbia's Sushine Coast...mainly because the tents look fabulous and the outdoor spa treatments, divine.

Then it's time to head south of the equator to Inkaterra's Canopy Tree House in Peru's Amazonian rainforest. But naturalists with a real yen for exotic wildlife should hit the next destination, the Galapagos Safari Camp in Ecuador, on one of the island's Darwin made famous with the chronicles of his trip around the world.

Finally, we head all the way to the south of Chile for a stay in the geodesic domes at EcoCamp in Torres Del Paine National Park in Patagonia.

Getting tired yet? I hope not, because there's still one more day to go! Check out the Americas article here first: