Final Glamping Post: Best of the Rest

As with all good things, my Glamping Series on HotelChatter had to come to an end...but not before I made a whirlwind dash around the globe to cover the best of the rest from Europe, Asia and even Antarctica.

We start today in Switzerland, where the glamping experience takes on a...polar flavor at an igloo village outside of Davos. The "romantic suite" one even has a heated whirlpool, and all kinds of kitschy lovey-dovey accoutrements. Then we actually head toward the pole with a stop in the northern Lapland region of Finland, where there are still more igloos at Kakslauttanen Hotel and Igloo Village, though many of the ones here are made of thermal glass so that guests can enjoy the Aurora Borealis at room temperature.

Then we jet off to Asia for a Gobi Desert destination at Three Camel Lodge, where adventurers can spend days trekking in the desert, then come back to tricked-out yurts for some high-end hospitality.

The property that most typifies glamping that we came across is actually in Thailand's Golden Triangle area, and is run by Four Seasons. Though the nature hikes and river cruises seem great, the real draw is the rooms, which look gorgeous, and are kitted out with 19th century glam trappings like hand-hammered copper bathtubs.

From there, it's off to the Indian subcontinent for a little tiger stalking (only for photos!) at Aman Resorts' Aman-i-Khas in balmy Rajasthan, another fabulous tented village with style to spare.

Finally, we hit the most extravagant glamp on our list, White Desert Antarctica, where guests pay over $50,000 for a week of antarctic exploration...with champagne on hand the whole time, of course.

The bottom line is, there are just far too many wonderful glamping properties and experiences to profile in a single week, especially when I've got to hop continent to continent. These are just a few of the interesting ones that I came across, and I look forward to discovering many, many more (as I've already done in the past few days even!). Got any that I should know about? Leave a comment and tell me!

Until then, take a look at some of the Best of the Rest around the world in my article here: