Valentine's Day Roundup

Yet another holiday rolls around--the totally greeting-card-company-mandated one of Valentine's Day--and I had to come up with another roundup for Do I sound bitter? I'm not sure if that's because I'm sick of roundups, or sick of not having anyone to lavish fancy dinner upon on Valentine's Day. Le sigh.

This year at least, there are some fun meals happening around town. I think restaurants realize they need to go the extra mile because the holiday falls on a Sunday, but also because people are really watching their budgets, so in order to get them out of the house and into a booth, restaurants really have to pull out all the stops.

For some of the more interesting meals I came across (without repeating entries from my previous roundups on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's), take a look and see where you can treat your sweetheart to a nice dinner out this year.

Valentine's Day Roundup: