HotelChatter: Jeopardy's Suite Talk

Ever since my own appearance on Jeopardy! a few years ago, I haven't really watched the show much. But on Monday night, I happened to be in at 7:00pm, when the show comes on in Los Angeles, and having a quiet evening of folding laundry and making dinner (before a group viewing of The Bachelor with the ladies of Here For The Right Reasons later on).

That was when I noticed that one of the categories was "Suite Talk," and featured trivia about famous hotel suites from around the world, including several properties that I've written about for HotelChatter. I reflexively hit the Record button my DVR so that I could preserve the episode for posterity, and pitched it as a quick, fun story for HotelChatter readers to find out whether they've been paying attention to all the hotel knowledge we've dropped on them.

I typed up the story, transcribing the questions and answers (in the form of a question, of course) so that our readers could test their wits against the trivia-masters of America's favorite game show. Want to see how you do? You can find my story here: