HotelChatter Celebrity Series: Political Persuasions

So far for my Celebrity Series on HotelChatter, I've covered DIVA DEMANDS and WHAT MEN WANT. Today it was time to take a look at some of the requirements political figures place upon the hotels where they stay on the campaign trail.

I tried to include politicians from both sides of the aisle in the piece, and came across some fascinating information on would-be VP Sarah Palin, actual former VP Dick Cheney, former President Bill Clinton, his wife, current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former president George W. Bush, and what was perhaps my favorite section: former Secretary of State Colin Powell's advice to the Intercontinental Hotel Group about steps they could take to make his hotel experience at the Holiday Inn much, much better (and you know what, I totally agree with him on the specific points he mentions!).

You know, I also found out all about John Kerry's rider for while he was on the presidential campaign trail back in 2004, but just like the campaign itself, it was so long and boring, my editor and I decided not to include it!