HotelChatter Celebrity Series: Best and Worst Roundup

For the final day of my Celebrity Series on HotelChatter, we considered testing our readers' memories by posting a pop quiz on which celebrities made what demands while staying in hotels around the world, but instead we did a Best-Worst roundup of crazy demands, outrageous antics, and offbeat necessities that divas like Babs and J-Lo require while on the road.

Who made our cut? Justin Timberlake for his prophylactic measures, Mariah Carey for the purely devilish, divalicous scope of her demands (and you thought that AT&T commercial was exaggerating!), and Dick Cheney for the grumpy-old-man-ness of his list of do's and don't's.

Take a (ridiculous but fun) trip back down memory lane from this week with me here: