Review: Oaks Gourmet Market

In addition to gastropubs, the other kind of eating outlet that seems to be popping up everywhere these days in LA is the gourmet grocery shop/panini counter/salad bar/wine store/etc.

Last week, I covered Froma, which admittedly has been around for a few years now. This week, it was off to the Oaks Gourmet Market at the corner of Franklin and Bronson, right near the UCB Theater and Birds.

I immediately fell in love with the great wine selection and the fantastic beers they stock, like Allagash's entire line. The sandwiches were pretty good, too, especially the lobster club. In addition to prepared foods like salads and soups, the market also contracts with local artisanal producers like bakeries, pasta-makers, breweries and others to sell their wares in the store, so you can find LA icons like Cake Monkey and Delilah's in the baked goods section, or Heirloom-LA pastas on the shelves. Basically, it's a gourmet's one-stop-shop. To read more about what I found there, read my piece on