Review: Flying Leap Cafe

The night before Thanksgiving, I took my friend Ty to dinner at the Flying Leap Cafe in Silverlake for a review in Frontiers In/LA Magazine. I think it wasn't the wisest decision to eat such a heavy meal of American classics the night before the biggest glutton fest of the year, but my deadline approached and time was short, so I just had to slog through it.

The food, though substantial, was delicious, and we were treated to a tasting meal of specialties both old and new (the restaurant's menu will be changing slightly in January). We also got a good feel for the crowd the restaurant usually draws--a mix of Eastside gays both young and old, as well as neighborhood hanger-outers. All in all, it was a fun little evening, and just the lighthearted, carefree evening I needed before heading home for the holidays (not that going home isn't fun, mom!).

I think I'll end there before my family yells at me for implying anything else about Thanksgiving at the Rosen household. For now, you can read my review below, and be sure to check out my little roundup of my favorite places for a slice of meatloaf in LA at the end!