Review: Den of Hollywood

A few weeks ago, my friend Samara and her boyfriend Patrick mentioned that a new restaurant-bar called The Den of Hollywood had opened just up the block from us on Sunset. They kept raving about the sweet potato fries, which, though not my favorite, still sounded like they were worth a visit. So I enlisted my friend Hilary, who runs her own foodie site called Nosh With Me, to check it out and see whether it might be worth a review.

I will be honest and say that we weren't super crazy about the food, but it was definitely decent, and the menu was extremely moderately priced for a perch on the Sunset Strip. It will be nice to have a casual, fun, gastropub-y place so close by as an alternative to the more swinging scenes thereabouts. To find out more about the ambiance and the menu, check out the piece I wrote for below.