Meritage: Berkeley Claremont Hotel's New Restaurant

A few weeks ago, I learned about the opening of the new restaurant at Berkeley's historic Claremont Resort, Club and Spa. It's called Meritage, and has a very unique menu concept. Basically, each page is split into two columns, one for wine choices and one with food items. The menu is then broken down into seven categories of wine from light, fruity whites to robust reds, and you are supposed to order the dishes based on what wine you'd like to drink, or vice versa. It's like wine pairing for dummies.

Not only does the food look delicious, but the wine choices are pretty interesting, and everything seems to be very moderately priced--plus you can get the wines by the taste, glass, carafe or bottle, so it's easy to figure out a way to enjoy a few vinos economically.

Oh, and did I mention the view? It must be one of the best vistas of San Francisco ever, as you'll see from the accompanying photo. Next time I'm up in the Bay Area, I'm definitely stopping by for a glass and a gaze.

Read more about the restaurant and the hotel here: