Larkspur Hotels Give Away $500 Gift Cards

So many hotel packages and promotions these days revolve around hotel or resort "credits." Sure, you pay $200 for your room, but hey, you get $100 in hotel credits. Whoopedy doo. Sometimes you just want to eat out, or go to another spa, or spend your money elsewhere, but you end up sticking around your hotel wasting time in order to spend as close to the credit as possible.

Though not every guest at Larkspur Hotels will get one of the special prizes, the chain is offering guests who book between now and January 4 the chance to win one of eight $500 American Express gift cards, as well as other little prizes like discounts at the hotel restaurants and bars. Only eight people can win, but at least the prize is actual money that you can spend anywhere Amex is accepted. Who knows, if you book your stay, you just might win the money to make all your holiday purchases?

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