An Eco Spa at 4,921 Feet: Vigilius Resort in Sudtirol

This week, I learned about an isolated little wellness resort way up in the Sudtirolean Alps of northern Italy, about halfway between Innsbruck and Venice. The place is called Vigilius Mountain Resort, and is a member of the Design Hotels family.

Located in the hilltop town Vigiljoch in the Dolomites, Vigilius actually used to be a ramshackle old hotel originally built in 1912, but was redesigned by an architect from Milan named Matteo Thun. Now it's all larch wood beams, huge glass windows, concrete walls and floors, and modern Swiss simplicity.

The spa there takes advantage of famous local springwater, as well as traditional herbs and agricultural products found in the area for its signature treatments. In fact, the restaurants at the resort also take advantage of those same elements in their menus too!

It looks like an absolutely glorious place to visit--pristine mountain air, glorious vistas, gourmet food, pampering treatments. Now if I can just figure out an excuse to get to Italy...

To read more about Vigilius's high-altitude hospitality, you can read my HotelChatter story: