Review: Katsuya at L.A. Live

The fourth location of one of L.A.'s best known sushi restaurants, Katsuya, opened at the L.A. Live downtown arts and entertainment center a couple months ago, and I've been meaning to get in there ever since.

I finally had my chance last week when I booked a dinner on Tuesday night and starved myself all day in preparation. It's a good thing, too, because I got the $65 tasting menu so that I could sample all of the restaurant's specials, and I wasn't disappointed.
One of the hard parts of reviewing restaurants is that sometimes your meals are so extensive, diverse and rich, that it can be hard to process everything (both mentally and digestively). This meal, for instance, included about seven different types of fish (both cooked and raw), as well as a cut of Kobe steak with foie gras on top. Then there were cocktails, sake and dessert. At the end, I was very full, and very wired, but I suppose that just puts you in the mood to write the review right away, and that's good for business.

To read more about the experience, and about what I ate, you can find my review on here: