New "Bites" Restaurant at Ritz-Carlton Naples

This was just a quick piece I did on the new restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, Florida. Turns out a friend from college was visiting her family in the area and actually ate at the hotel, but missed the opening by a day. She stuck her head in to take a look, though, and said there was a whole lot of hubbub in preparation for the opening.

The menu sounds good, mostly small bar bites with exotic twists, and fancy wines and cocktails. Still, it's a step in a more casual direction for a Ritz, so hopefully it is the beginning of a new trend for the chain. Based on my hard-hat tour of the new joint JW Marriott Ritz-Carlton tower in downtown Los Angeles at LA Live the other day (will write about that next week), the chain is definitely looking to parcel out spaces in its properties for more casual (though not down-market) experiences. The new hotel complex will have cute little wine/bar areas in its restaurants and common areas, and is very open to the surrounding LA Live venue, so maybe this is the start of a friendlier, less stuffy Ritz-Carlton.

To read more about "Bites" in Naples, though, click here: