The Mother of all Thanksgiving Roundups

Roundups are kind of like web sites' bread and butter. Everyone is all about lists lists lists right now. Everything from 10-bests to holiday roundups. And Thanksgiving is a huge part of that. I have been muddling through Thanksgiving roundups and press releases for two months now, and it was finally time to make a compendium of them for

Unlike last year's roundup, which was fairly gargantuan in its own right, this one was going to be even more of a behemoth, with three separate sections: takeout options, dining-in, and other guides to what's going on around Los Angeles.

Well, it took me most of the weekend to compile, but I think I've put together one of the best lists out there, and even better than most, you get to see many of the menu options at each restaurant, so you can make a really informed decision about where to dine out (or take out from) this year.

To see the whole thing, take a look at this link:

It's sure to make your Thanksgiving a whole lot...foodier. Gobble gobble!