FACES: Tony Esnault, New Executive Chef at Patina

Last month, all of L.A. was buzzing about the appointment of a new executive chef at Patina. After a year of searching, restaurateur Joachim Splichal had finally found his man...courtesy of an alfresco lunch with famed chef Alain Ducasse, who suggested a chef who had worked with him for years at various restaurants like Louis XV, Adour and The Essex House.

That chef is a handsome Frenchman named Tony Esnault, who hails from the gastronomically rich Loire Valley, and who has been hard at work creating a new menu for Patina since his appointment late in September.

I got the chance to talk with Chef Esnault a couple weeks ago via email, and asked him a few burning questions that have been on LA.com's readers' minds. Here's what he had to say...