Russian River Valley Guide

About a month ago, I was treated to the pleasure of spending a couple days up in the gorgeous countryside of northern Sonoma's Russian River Valley. I stayed in Healdsburg and got to explore the various AVA's of the area and their distinctive wine profiles, not to mention an ungodly amount of gourmet food and enough burrata to turn me into a water buffalo. In between eating and drinking--though there were only short intervals where we did neither--we walked around the town of Healdsburg, hiked out into the vineyards to take a look at the grapes, and generally enjoyed the wine country splendor...while Twittering away about it.

I'd highly recommend it as a destination for folks looking to get up to NorCal wine country, but who want to stay away from the busier areas of Napa and southern Sonoma And if you like Zinfandels and Rhone varietals, you'll be in heaven.

Take a look at my quick guide to a weekend in the area, and all the fun things to do, see, eat and drink while you're there.