Review: Veggie Grill

I go to the gym at the Crunch on Sunset, at the Laemmle 5 complex. For a while, it looked like the center was going downhill with the disappearance of the Virgin Store and California Pizza Kitchen, but the complex has bounced back better than ever with a new Trader Joe's, a CB2 furnishings store, and now, the opening of the Veggie Grill, with an entirely "plant-based" menu. The whole point, according to the owners, is to make healthy food accessible--mostly by disguising it as more interesting foods like crispy chicken sandwiches or carne asada wraps, but also by making things that you know are good for you but don't like to eat actually taste good, like kale.

In any case, I am sure to be a frequent visitor to the restaurant seeing as the food was delicious, the prices were pretty low, and it's nice to feel like you've just had a healthy meal without sacrificing taste.