Review: Rockwell, VT

Last Friday, I checked out a new eastside bar/lounge that everyone has been talking about recently called Rockwell, VT. It is located behind Vermont Restaurant guessed it, Vermont Avenue in Los Feliz. It also turns out that Norman Rockwell, the artist, was from Vermont, so there's a nice little coincidence for you.

Rockwell the lounge, is yet another example of your typical gastropub kind of cuisine, but the lounge vibe is completely different from most places you'll find on the eastside. That's partly due to the fact that it (and Vermont Restaurant) are now owned by the guys behind the late Mark's Restaurant in West Hollywood, so they've been attracting a gay crowd, but also because it is almost completely outdoors with a ground-floor patio canopied by a sprawling coral tree, and an upstairs section with booths overlooking the LA skyline. The food is pretty simple, though fresh, and there are plenty of specialty cocktails, beers and wines by the glass to please everyone. I think this new hangout is going to be here for a while.