Review: East Restaurant and Lounge

It's not often that I cover nightlife, so it's sort of interesting to me when a nightclub entrepreneur like David Judaken (MyHouse) gets into the restaurant business, as he just has with the launch of East, a new restaurant and lounge in Hollywood just down the block from Geisha House.

East gets its name from the Asian-inspired menu that incorporates international flavors like charred white corn and pea tendrils with sashimi. The building blocks are from the Far East, but the accoutrements come from around the globe.

I think the most striking thing about the restaurant was not the menu, which, though good (and the sashimi was incredibly fresh), still has a little work to do figuring itself out. Rather, the interior design--though also a little convoluted with mix-and-match aesthetics--was pretty breathtaking. You can read about all the elements in my review below, but be sure to check out the photos!