Review: Drago Centro

Last week, I was finally treated to dinner at a restaurant downtown that I have been dying to try for some time now, Drago Centro. If the name sounds familiar, that is because it is the newest venture from Celestino Drago, the Sicilian chef whose Beverly Hills restaurant is called Enoteca Drago, and is one of the big agent deal-making lunch places in town. Just like at the original restaurant, the food at Drago Centro is excellent, especially the pasta, though the special chanterelle risotto with shaved white truffles was pretty fantastic too, so if they are still offering it when you go in for a meal, you should definitely think about ordering that.

To read more about my meal, you can find my review here:

And here are some of the dishes that I mention in the article, just in case you really want to salivate!
Smoked salmon over cauliflower panna cotta

Pork belly with farro, spinach and blueberries

Trio of pastas

Monkfish with potato, olive tapenade and tomatoes

Halibut with pancetta swirl

Walnut tart with parmesan gelato