Ojai Valley Inn & Spa

Last Tuesday, my editor at HotelChatter and I drove up to Ojai and spent the day at the legendary Ojai Valley Inn & Spa about 90 minutes north of Los Angeles. We were there to get a preview of an upcoming event where five chefs will compete on the golf course, but work together in the kitchen for the benefit of guests during the "Celebrity Chef Classic."

We were also treated to a tour of the magnificent 5-bedroom Casa Elar on the property, which goes for a mere $15,000 a night (with a 3-night minimum, though). After that, I took a ride around the property, strolled through the spa, and sniffed around the apothecary where guests can mix up a personal scent from essential oils. All in all, it was a gorgeous day...if only we didn't have to leave!

To read more about the special weekend, and Casa Elar, take a look at my story here: http://www.hotelchatter.com/story/2009/10/25/12418/316/hotels/Golf_and_Gorge_at_Ojai_Valley_Inn_and_Spa_s_Celebrity_Chef_Classic