Jaunted Germany Series: The Rhine The Wine and all That's Fine

This week, I will be writing a series on Jaunted.com called "The Rhine, The Wine and All That's Fine Near Frankfurt." Each day, I will talk about a different town, city or experience I had on my recent trip to Germany.

The angle is that everything is within about two hours of Frankfurt so that, while most poeple just stop through the airport on their way to somewhere else, there is still plenty to do in the region including tasting some of Germany's best wines and visiting some of the most interesting Jewish sights in the world.

My first piece was on the town of Bernkastel-Kues in the world-famous Riesling-producing region of the Mosel Valley, about two hours west of Frankfurt near the border with France. The area is breathtakingly beautiful with steep slopes covered by vineyards, is chock-full of fascinating history, and has some of the most gorgeous timbered houses you'll ever see. Plus, there are tons of fabulous wine producers in the area, so the days are full, the wine is plentiful, and the travel is fun.