Duck Season at Citizen Hotel's Grange

This story came across my desk last week when I was casting about for fall foodie festivals at hotels around the world. It didn't quite qualify because it's not a special one-off event, but Chef Michael Tuohy at The Citizen Hotel's Grange restaurant in Sacramento is taking local food to the next level this duck-hunting season by inviting hunters to bring in their kills this fall. He promises to consult with each hunter about their personal tastes, then create an individual 4-course menu for each hunter and their guests centered, of course, around a main duck dish. As you can see, the story was just too good to pass up...and the menu options the chef is muddling sound too good to miss too.

One final word of warning: the press release and then my story are both riddled with duck jokes (mine less so, I swear!), so get ready for the "fowl" puns...