West Hollywood Restaurant Roundup

I am finally getting back into writing for Frontiers, the bi-weekly newspaper in West Hollywood. Though I have some travel pieces coming up about my recent foray into Austria and Germany, as well as a roundup of lovely wine regions to visit, my first few articles back have all been for the restaurant section of the "Indulge" department that deals with fine living.

In an effort to liven up Frontiers now that there has been an editorial shuffle and it has merged with its former rival-then-parent-publications, IN/LA, I suggested a few restaurant roundups with shorter reviews to my editor. He went for the idea, so we've started with a West Hollywood three-restaurant roundup of new places I like, and then there should be one I wrote for the Westside coming out soon as well.

For now, I chose Cecconi's, Primo Bistro and Mexico, all of which have opened in the past several months and which are finally starting to get some word-of-mouth. It's about time the WeHo boys tried something new, so hopefully they (and you) will like my mini-reviews enough to eschew routine and stop in at one of these new places.

Link: http://www.frontierspublishing.com/2809/entertainment/indulge.html