Review: Eva Restaurant

Eva is the new restaurant in the old Hatfield's space on Beverly Boulevard, just next to BLD. The place is tiny, but wonderful, with tables scattered on the front porch, the neutral-toned interior, and the side deck, with two great windows looking in on the activity of the kitchen.

The food is pretty fancy, but the prices are not, with nothing on the menu costing above $20...even for the biggest entrees. The wine list, too, has some extremely interesting options solely from California and France, with a mark-up that is well below what you normally find at restaurants.

The final bonus? $35 Sunday Farmers Market Suppers with a new menu each week that includes wine. How can you pass up a deal like that.

Though I will let you read about the food in the full review below, I thought I'd mention a few of the dishes along with photos so you can see for yourself what a treat my dinner there was.
Oyster with a Shiso granita.

Foie gras with summer melon in a maple glaze.

Udon linguine with mushrooms and clams.

Poached beef with charred cauliflower and salsa verde.