Review: Reservoir

A few months ago, Chef Gloria Felix opened a new restaurant in Silverlake called Reservoir thanks to its location near that Los Angeles landmark. Since she has worked in many of the most famous kitchens around town like at AOC, Lucques, Grace and Jar, as well as on Hell's Kitchen as Gordon Ramsey's sous chef, expectations were high. Unfortunately, many of the early reviews were not favorable, but Felix picked herself up, dusted herself off, and rethought her concept and her menu.

My meal there this week was pretty delicious, with all kinds of interesting taste combinations for you to read about in my review. The only thing that was lacking was the tiny wine list, and some of the desserts were hit-or-miss. However, overall, I thought it was a very good meal, and I loved the idea that you pick a protein like steak or fish, and then get to choose whichever of the veggie sides you'd like. It's all about options.

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