Redux: RH at Andaz West Hollywood

Though I reviewed RH at the Andaz West Hollywood Hotel when it first opened this winter, I was recently invited back for a meal to try out Chef Sebastien Archambault's new summer menu.

Initially, I was ambivalent about going, figuring it couldn't be all that different from the uninteresting "Californian" fare I was fed the first time around, but this time the meal was really very good. The Chef threw out what he thought a Californian diner would want to see on the menu, and focused more on bringing a fresh touch to the cuisine of his native Perigord, in France (that's where the famous foie gras comes from, in case you were wondering!). The result was a more eclectic, interesting menu that also felt a lot more authentic than the first jette, so bravo!
To take a look at the article and some of the dishes I tried, find the review here: