Barnstorming at the Farmhouse Inn

One of the next wine country stops on my grand Life To Do List is Sonoma County's Russian River Valley. I've only been to the southern part of the county near Carneros, Sonoma the town, and Glen Ellen, so it's about time I venture farther up into the wilds of northern California to try some of the fantastic wines that are coming out of there.

That is why I took such interest in this piece I was assigned on HotelChatter last week about a new addition to the famous Farmhouse Inn in Forestville. The restaurant there has a Michelin star, which is reason enough to visit (after a couple months of saving up, of course), but aside from that, the hotel has also just opened a new building called The Barn. Rates are a bit steep, starting at $525 per night, but you can get a flight rebate that should make up for the cost of your travel there, and the facilities sound (and look) gorgeous.

For more on the new place, take a look at my article here: