San Diego Hotel Week Fizzles

Many ambitious tourism boards across the country are trying to plan "Hotel Weeks" based on the success of "Restaurant Weeks" in major cities. They hope to lure travelers back onto the road and out to destinations they might not have otherwise visited by offering special rates, new activities, and other random deals, hoping to cash in on a few of the travel dollars that are still out there. One note of caution I would give these planners is to say that many restaurant week specials have become permanent additions to menus here in Los Angeles, so if you start offering guests low rates, they might start thinking that those rates are fair, and you might just have to live with them for a while to come.

In the meantime, San Diego is one of those city's starting a new hotel week, scheduled for sometime in the fall. Unfortunately, they only seem to have one participating hotel so far...the Mission Valley Comfort Suites. Not exactly a thrilling property, and not near any of the main tourist sights except Qualcomm Stadium. Hopefully other hotels will get in on the act, otherwise San Diego Hotel Week might just be the promotion that never was.