Review: West 4th/Jane

It seems like every new restaurant opening in L.A. these days is a gastropub, and West 4th/Jane is no exception. Perhaps entrepreneurs think they'll pull in twice the public with both a bar and a restaurant on the premises. Whatever the cause, it's meant my enjoying more than my fair share of burgers, fries and onion rings lately.

There are a few interesting things about West 4th/Jane. The first is its name. It is a reference to the intersection New Yorkers know as the home of Corner Bistro, where you will find one of the city's most famous hamburgers. The owners wanted to model their food on that establishment's fine, understated menu, and they've succeeded to a point. That's all I'll say--you have to read my review! The other interesting fact is that it took over the former space of uber-fancy 3 on 4th in Santa Monica. Let's hope that West 4th/Jane, which is decidedly oriented more towards beer than champange tastes, fares better than its predecessor.