Review: Barbrix

Barbrix is a new wine bar/small plates restaurant that opened in Silverlake about a month or two ago. As with all new wine bars in Los Angeles, I immediately wanted to try it, hoping for something new and interesting to pique my curiosity and my palate. Barbrix did both. The wine list is eclectic and unusual, with offbeat options from all over the globe. The food menu is equally tantalizing, and showcases not only the artisanal cheeses and charcuterie that are this kind of place's mainstays, but also some ultra-fresh, seasonal dishes like the farro salad and the wild boar sausage dish I mention in the article.

It seems like a lot of the other food writers I talk to in Los Angeles agree with me that Barbrix is fast becoming one of their favorite places. More importantly, however, the Silverlake neighborhood that Barbrix calls home already seems to be squarely behind this newcomer, and patrons pack the restaurant every day of the week. For more in-depth coverage, take a taste of my review below from