Re-Review: Palate Food + Wine

I didn't actually review Palate Food + Wine (Octavio Becerra's restaurant in Glendale) for when the restaurant first opened last year. Since then, it has gained more and more acclaim, and was universally hailed as the best new restaurant in Los Angeles in 2008.

I decided to try the restaurant with my whole family when they were all up here to celebrate a few birthdays and Mother's Day. I figured that way, I could try more dishes than I'd otherwise be able to! I was right--I think I tasted over a dozen different things, and for the most part the restaurant did live up to the hype. However, the hype also seems to have made the staff lazy, surly, or both.

Whatever it was, service was poorly lacking (as I think you'll be able to tell from my piece), and I'm not sure I'd actually like to go back there again given the experience. The food, however, was definitely worth trying once.