Marco Numero 3 In West Hollywood

There are now three, yes three, institutions owned and run by Marco Capanni on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Havenhurst drive. The first is Marco's Trattoria where you can get some pretty decent Italian food--though the prices have gone up to where it's almost not worth it. The second is Caffe Marco, which until recently, took up the other south corner of SaMo and HH.

A few months ago, however, Capanni decided to do some renovations, and so relegated the cafe to a little outpost in the very back of the lot, almost a block down HH drive. Now in what used to be the front of the cafe, you can find a new restaurant called simply "Marco's." I stopped in there for a bit...and a biting review. Okay, not so biting, but I wasn't really thrilled with it. I think they've also already fired the first chef, so we'll see what happens with the food. For now, here are my thoughts.