The Beer Buddy Board

I come across a lot of innovative features and trends at bars and restaurants since I get to patronize a lot of them around Los Angeles, as well as other places when I travel. Restaurant gardens is one trend that comes to mind, another is the mixing and matching of other cuisines with Korean barbecue here in L.A. (short rib tacos, anyone?).

The "Beer Buddy Board" I found at the Island Brewing Company in Carpinteria (just south of Santa Barbara) is one of my absolute features, though. I have a feeling you see boards like this at dives all over the world, where buddies create a tab, and buy absent friends a beer to enjoy on their next visit to the pub...or settle up old debts.

Whatever the reason for buying a friend a beer, I love the fact that you can walk into this bar, right on the train tracks across from the beach, and you just might have a pint of one of their California brews waiting for you.

I think my enthusiasm shines through, and after taking a look yourself, I'm sure you'll be just as excited as me.