Stuck in the Middle: Booking Engines and Airlines Out of Sync

A lot of people get jealous when I tell them I'm a travel writer. It's true, I do get to do all sorts of fun stuff and go to all sorts of interesting places...and call it work. But sometimes, you have to write about how Orbitz stuck you in a middle seat on the long-haul flight from Minneapolis to Paris, and how other travelers can avoid your sardine-like situation. Then again, it's articles like this one I wrote for Jaunted that are the useful pieces of travel writing, so I'm glad to do my part and help my fellow wanderers make the most out of their travel experiences.

Stories like this one also let me get a little snarkier than usual, which ultimately makes it more relatable since I know a lot of people have had this very same thing happen to them. To see how you can avoid getting stuck with a bad seat by one of the travel booking engines, and what to do if you do get crunched, take a look at my article: