A Stained Glass Window You'd Only Find in Champagne

While in Reims, we stopped by the famous Cathedral, of course. After all, you can't skip the spot where French kings were crowned for centuries.

The Cathedral, cultural landmark that it is, has suffered a few humiliations and damages in its time, and has had to be renovated several times, most recently in the 1990's. After World War II, some of the stained glass had to be replaced, and so, the champagne producers of the nearby towns in the diocese took up a collection to hire the famous Simon stained-glass-making family to create a new window in the transept.

The window that the Simon family created is one of the wonders of a Cathedral with nearly eight centuries of history. It shows the bounty of the towns that contributed to it, but it also tells the story of Champagne and champagne, recreating the fermentation process and showing every phase of champagne production. It really is a marvel, and I thought it merited a narrative video, so see if you can make out any of the shapes as I pan them.