On the Bottling Line

I have been visiting a lot of wineries lately (by my count, around 40 in the past two months alone!), but this past weekend in Paso Robles was the first time I actually got to see a bottling line in operation.

Emily Nordee and I were up in Paso scoping out a few wineries we might like to feature on the web site we are developing, ClusterCrush.com, and one of them was the rough-and-tumble, Western-themed (thanks to its location at a former Stagecoach stop) Tobin James, just off the 46-E.

While we were there, co-owner Lance Silver, took us back into the barrel room and showed us their bottling line in action. They were bottling one of the 2007 wines, corking them, labeling them, and getting them into boxes ready to ship.

As you'll see, the operation is a lot louder than I expected, so I'm fairly shouting the entire time, but this is a good, quick look at one of the day-to-day operations of a winery.