"Ink & Stay" Package at Hotel Erwin

The Hotel Erwin is Joie De Vivre's newest property in L.A. It has taken over a former Holiday Inn (I believe, or it could have been a Best Western) on Ocean Avenue in Venice Beach. The rooms are pretty simple, but nicely furnished in beachy blue and white, and the rooftop deck lounge is, quite simply, amazing. It has views of the Boardwalk, the ocean, Catalina, the rest of Venice and Santa Monica, and if you crane your neck, you can see Century City and even downtown. I have a feeling it's going to be a very popular venue.

In order to drum up a little early business, and to pay homage to its situation on the...eccentric...Venice Boardwalk, Erwin is offering a package deal that includes a gift certificate to the nearby House of Ink tattoo parlor. There's even a special incentive in the offer for guests to get a tattoo that mentions Erwin. To find out more, read on: http://www.hotelchatter.com/story/2009/6/25/12345/9106/hotels/The_New_Hotel_Erwin_in_Venice_Beach_Dares_You_to_Get_Inked


Anna said…
Do you just mention the Erwin or do you have to get a tat OF the Erwin. Or of Erwin himself? Hahahaha. I want to check out this rooftop with a drink in hand.
Eric said…
Erwin himself is a very nice man, but the tat has to say "I Heart Erwin," or substitute a heart for "Heart." Rooftop will be open to all, so enjoy!