Alisal Ranch Goes Outback

The Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort up in Solvang is one of the best-known ultra-luxury resorts in California, with a price tag to match. They regularly throw special weekends and events, including this upcoming September's "Outback at Alisal," with cuisine by TLC's "Take Home Chef" (and Australia native), Curtis Stone.

I interviewed Stone around last Thanksgiving, on his birthday actually, for one of my FACES profiles, and had a great time talking to him. What was even more awesome was the chance to meet him casually at last week's Martini and Rossi-sponsored "Top Chef: Masters" screening at Campanile. He couldn't fill me in on the exact menu yet, but he told me he was excited to try his hand at bringing some Australian flavor to the California Central Coast.

Here's my article on the weekend, more to come as the details filter in: