Rancho Bernardo Inn's "Survivor" Package

I've been seeing all kinds of recession-induced hotel deals these days, but the "Survivor" challenge at the Rancho Bernardo Inn is certainly one of the most distinctive. Basically, the package starts at $219 for a room plus breakfast. From there, the price drops $20 with each amenity guests are willing to give up, starting with breakfast, then A/C, then pillows, and, well, you get the picture. For $19, you basically get a bare room. I'd be interested to know if someone actually takes that.

You can find out more on the General Manager's Twitter, "GM Gone Mad," or you can take advantage of one of the other specials he tweets about.

Link: http://www.hotelchatter.com/story/2009/5/13/202659/809/hotels/How_Much_Are_You_Willing_to_Give_Up_For_a_Low_Room_Rate_