History And Wine Along The Cathar Trail

Part Three of My France Field Trip is about all the things to see and do along part of the Cathar Trail in Languedoc-Roussillon. Just as I did on my trip, the areas I cover are mostly towards the far west end of the Trail near the Mediterranean coast. I cover from Rivesaltes (north of Perpignan) to Maury to Puilaurens, about 2 hours inland.
The article includes information on a few of the Cathar Castles, a link to the Association du Pays Cathare web site with info on all the Cathar sites, and the two I visited the day I covered this swath, Domaine Cazes (which you can buy at Whole Foods), and Domaine Pouderoux. A little beach, a little hiking, a little wine. Pretty much perfect. Enjoy!