French Wine's Green Revolution

Piece Number Four in the France Field Trip Guide on Jaunted. This one is sort of like a little teaser for a larger article I am pitching about the new generation of environmentally conscious winemakers taking root--so to speak--in Languedoc-Roussillon. I just talk about a couple of them in this article, but in the larger one I am planning, I am going to discuss several more of the wineries I visited in Languedoc, why organic and biodynamic practices are becoming so popular in this region in particular, what that will mean for the future of French wine, and what American drinkers can expect to find in the coming years.

For another little teaser on the same idea, see my recent post (complete with video) about Olivier Pithon.


Guillaume Bodin said…
The film "Wine The Green Revolution" is released!!! With Olivier Pithon in Bonus Videos. Look on