A Quick Comment on Aging Bordeaux Wines

One of the lovely people I met by contacting Bordeaux Oxygene--a group of young winemakers and winery owners in Bordeaux that is aiming to "breathe new life" into the erstwhile closed off and stuffy world of Bordeaux wines--was Severine Bonnie at Malartic-Lagraviere. Her in-laws from Belgium own the chateaux, one of the finest in the Graves (or Pessac-Leognan now) appellation of Bordeaux. In addition to being extremely friendly and articulate, Severine has brought her marketing/communications background and recent oenological studies to bear as she shares the ins and outs of winemaking at Malartic-Lagraviere, as well some interesting facets of the chateau's history.

While I was with her, we got to discussing just why it is that Bordeaux wines require (or should be allowed to have, at least) more time to age than wines from other parts of the world. We came up with lots of reasons, but here's a little video expounding on some of our theories.