Auberge de la Commanderie

Finally, as I am corralling my life back to a semblance of order, this is the final story of mine that posted while I was away in France, and that I actually wrote while I was there. It's just a little review of the Auberge de la Commanderie, where I stayed in the town of St. Emilion, down in Bordeaux.

The hotel was nothing great, though the tiny rooms were very clean and quite mod, if by mod you mean mod for 1980. Still, I had nothing to complain about, especially since the location was perfect, the parking was easy, the WiFi worked seamlessly (it better have since they charge for it!), and the breakfast was generous by Euro standards. I'd recommend it to anyone traveling to Bordeaux wine country on a budget.

The best part, though, was the fact that I got to mention several of the wineries I visited while there, so it made my meetings with the young winemakers of Bordeaux Oxygene all the more worth it.