Valentine: Patron Saint of Gluttony

Apart from the excuse it gives couples for shamelessly saccharine smooching in public, Valentine's Day is also one of the most culinarily important evenings of the year as restaurants across the country (and around the world) prepare fancy, phenomenal, fantastical, freakishly expensive meals to put everyone "in the mood."

While I might not personally get to indulge in the many dining options in LA on the special day (yes, you should feel sad for me, I accept your pity), I have certainly found some excellent meal deals around town and covered them in my Valentine's Day Guide for

So take a look, make a reservation, and if you want to keep your appetite, try to avert your eyes from all the PDA's you're sure to spot.


Stoiv said…
these are freakishly expensive options. i bet these restaurants lose a little more biz this year cause of the slump.