Three Frontiers Features in One Issue!

It seems sort of ironic to single, unattached me, that I have three features in Frontiers' Valentine's Day issue, but what can I say? I guess I know a little something about love. least how to write about it.

I've had a couple features in the same issue before, but this is definitely the most writing I've done for Frontiers at once, so it's kind of exciting, even as the magazine undergoes a huge transformation thanks to its merger with IN. So we'll see what happens next, but for now, enjoy learning about aphrodisiacs, age disparities, and what the sexiest threadcount is for your sheets.
Aphrodisiacs: I really pride myself on pitching this idea for the V-Day issue, and found out all sorts of interesting things, like that the Aztec word for avocado tree meant "testicle tree." Fascinating! Take a look:

Preston Lee: Preston is a designer whom I saw on Bravo's Top Design, thought he was cute and talented, and so decided to profile for Frontiers. It was just happenstance that it was for the Sex, Love and Marriage issue, so the topic of the article turned into his tips for spicing up the bedroom. Enjoy!

Age Disparity: And finally, what was probably the most interesting article to write, entitled "A Gay-December Romance," I profiled three gay couples from Los Angeles where one partner was much older than the other--by several decades. It was fascinating to hear just what brought these men, and kept them, together, as well as to talk about why there are not really many of these relationships around.