Lists Lists Lists

I have one word for you, Joel: Lists. So the line might read if "The Graduate" were to come out today. As it is, I have been given a new mandate by my editor at, and one which has been seconded by every other interweb writer I have talked to. The future of our sites lies in lists. Best Of's, Top 10's, etc.
Thus I created the LA's Best Burger Bars List and LA's Best Wine Bars List this past week. I think they're pretty good, but the whole point is to get people talking and adding to them, so hopefully readers will have suggestions. I think what bothers me is when their suggestions read like this: "How can you think this is a list of the best burgers? You've left off ___ and ___ and ___, and then ____ has the best chili fries, and..." they go on and on like that, which is pretty unhelpful. I don't think readers understand that I'm operating under some strict parameters, that my lists are not meant to be comprehensive (after all, I need people to read and respond!) and if they want to make additions, they can in their comments. People get so uppity about it though. Frustration!
But please enjoy the two lists, plus a couple of recent reviews!

Bar Centro at the SLS: I wanted to put this up since the LA Times food critic, S. Irene Verbila put out her review of it this week and was gushing and gushing. Plus, she apparently sat next to "blinged-out hip hoppers," which I find hilarious:
RH at Andaz West Hollywood: Whatever you do, don't call the Andaz West Hollywood a "Hyatt"! I got a few publicist hissyfits thrown my way over that and it required several corrections to the review, at which point I was almost ready to have it taken down. What is Hyatt so ashamed of anyway?