Writing for Jaunted

Just a little update on how my writing is progressing. Thanks to my delightful and witty new friend Juliana Shallcross, editrix of Hotel Chatter and Jaunted, I am starting to write for both those sites. While I'm still getting the feel for each, as well as for html coding (I'm such a Luddite!) I think my first article for them was pretty fun. Here is the link to Random Facts About LA that I came up with: http://www.jaunted.com/story/2009/1/17/164757/133/travel/Random+Facts+About+LA+We+Bet+You+(and+Lauren+Conrad)+Didn

The real excitement is my forthcoming Budget Boutique Hotels of the 33rd Parallel South series for Hotel Chatter where I write five hotel/city reviews for the places I stayed in South America last year, so stay tuned for that...