Budget Boutique Hotels of the 33rd Parallel South

This week is kind of a big one for me as a travel writer since my series on hotels in South America is going up on Hotel Chatter with one new city each day. The series is called Budget Boutique Hotels of the 33rd Parallel South. Is that title specific enough for you? Well, it may be, but I don't think I could have titled it, Hotels Eric Rosen and Other Young Professionals Like Him Would Stay At On A Solo Trip To Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. So there you have it.

The series starts with the Art Hotel in Buenos Aires, moves to the Posada Don Antonio in Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay, then on to the Plaza Fuerte (which I was mad to see has been redone since I stayed in the frayingly shabby rooms last year) in Montevideo, the Hotel Del Patio in Santiago, and finally the Hotel Villaggio in Mendoza.

Though the pieces just cover the hotels, next week, Hotel Chatter's sister site Jaunted should be posting my companion guides for what to do in all those cities, so it's a pretty exciting payoff for last year's trip.